Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Book Review: Sort of a Review

I had a different book I want to review and recommend but something came across my facebook feed that I thought was important to share.   February 19th is Rememberance Day is a day to remember and never forget the internment of Japanese Americans and immigrants during World War II.

One way we can remember is to read a book.  Even it's fictional it gives us a window into a time we didn't live.  It may not tell the whole story but it tells part of the story.  Hopefully we learn something and we remember.

Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas is a story told through the eyes of young Rennie a13 year old girl.  How Rennie's family and a Japanese family lives intersect after an internment camp is set up near their home.  You learn a bit about what interment was like. You explore along with Rennie the morality of it all.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford is about love but about fitting in but what if you can't fit in.  It's told through the eyes of a young Chinese boy living in San Francisco just after the Japanese Americans and immigrants were sent away to live in the internment camps. You get to hear how they were removed from their home.  How they had to leave so many important things behind.   How Japantown became a ghost city and how others took advantage of it.

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