Friday, February 24, 2012

Fiber Friday: Tin, Tin, Tin

So what does a Peppermint Bark Tin have to do with fiber?  It holds important knitting and crocheting accessories and wee bit for spinning too.

Picture 215

Picture 211

Currently in the lid I have spinning information so I can do some calculations to figure out yardage, yards per pound or more.  For socks I have foot measurements for me, my husband and daughter.  My sons feet haven't stopped growing yet so I measure them right before I start a pair of socks and again just before I turn the heel.  Next formula are reminders so I'm not stuck while on the go when knitting a pair of socks.

Now that I have sock stuff in the tin lid I can bring my socks with me no matter where I am.  Maybe now I can finish the socks I started for Stephen.

Picture 209

Inside the tin are even more tins,  On top of the tins I have sticky notes to keep track of patterns or do calculations with.  Which reminds me I need to make sure I have a pen or pencil in the tin as well.  A calculator to do said calculations.  Knit Picks needle sizer and ruler which is used more as a ruler than a needle sizer. Also visible are the folding scissors, retractable tape measure and a roll up yardstick.

Picture 220   Picture 221

Maybe you are wondering what a roll up yardstick is? Well it's a metal yardstick that rolls up.   I grew up with that thing.  I wondered if you could still find them because they are cool.  Looks like they are a vintage.  In mint condition some one was asking $38 for it! Most on ebay were going for $15.  I'm not selling.  It's hardly in mint condition.  It's handy for me because it rolls up.  I use it to measure handspun or yarn I re-skeined.

Picture 212

Lovely colorful clear lid tins I inhereted from my mother.  I've tried to find where she got them.  I'm only finding plain tin ones online so far.  So if anyone has the google fu and can find them  kindly share with me and I will post here.

Picture 214

This is what I can easily bring with me.  I will have everything I need.  It's replaces some other things I made that just weren't working as well.

Knit/Crochet tool roll

The case was nice but it wasn't user friendly for stitch markers and other tools.  The tools were never in the case.  It was fussy to put them back in so I didn't.  The large tin is kind of  bulky but I have all the basic tools I might need at my finger tips.  I keep it open beside me and take what I need and put it right back when I'm done.  I found another use for the case so all is good.

Next up how do I organize my hooks and needles?

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