Friday, February 10, 2012

Fiber Friday: Yarn School

I finally went to Yarn School in Harveyville, KS, Spring 2011.

Yarn School Spring 2011

Drank lots of wine...

All evidence of wine drinking has been erased or recycled.  Move along now.

Spun a little:

Big Lofty Yarn

Art Yarn

Barber pole and Heathered yarns carder on the drum carder. See next weeks Fiber Friday for more about this.

Carded on the drum carders:

Dyed lots of fiber:

Yarn School Spring 2011 Sammimag Colorways
That's 4 pounds of fiber!

Pet Angora Rabbits


Hung out and had lunch at Alapcas in Wildcat Hallow:


(photo - taken by fellow yarn schooler)

and pet the dogs:

Ate lots of super yummy food! Mmm Bacon.

Came home with over 4lbs of fiber and more:


Not visible the alpaca/silk fiber from Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow, dye color card, and a turkish spindles, lots of door prize fibers, and some fiber I bought.  And a cool t-shirt I'll need to model some time.

It took a while to get back into the groove.  Yarn School is part of a unique space and time. So I was a bit wobbly when I came home.  Bliss is fiber, good food, fiber geeks and wine.  I'll be going back again Spring  2013.

Stay tuned for the sweaters and more worth of yarn I spun up from all that fiber.

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