Friday, February 3, 2012

Foodie Friday: Bitchin' Kitchen!

One day when I sat down to knit on something I was in need of some entertainment.  Knitting is entertainment but not always enough entertainment.  There wasn't anything on my dvr queue to watch so I did a bit of surfing and found Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen.  At first I wasn't sure about this chick.  Is she for real? Nadia G and I are like opposites at least on the surface.  She's a rockin' young hipster and I love comfortable shoes. But she loves food and so do I.   So I fell in love with her rockin' self.  Even though she has issues with nerds she really is a nerd about food, although I think she might deny it. Maybe some of her wardrobe sense can rub off and I can become a stylin' hip mature broad ;)

Sadly, I can't watch the show since we canceled cable.  Before I lost cable I saved up several episodes on my dvr and had a Bitchin' Kitchen party to watch episodes with some of my favorite peeps.  You have to have some food at a bitch'n' kitchen party and some wine or bring or something.  So what if  the party started at 1pm in the afternoon.  A gals got to have fun sometime! 

I'm crossing my fingers that Bitchin' Kitchen will come out on dvd soon so I can have another party. For now I will have to settle for youtube videos to get my Nadia G fix. I will leave you with one more.  Some foodie ideas for Valentines Day.  Even better you get to met Hans and  the Spice Agent.

Now Go Rock Your Kitchen! 

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  1. Just reviewing your blog entries again for inspiration. I'm going to be stealing a couple of your daily themes, just FYI. And I'm going to next make it a goal to have entries that are longer than a FB post!