Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

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This holiday seems to lead to lots of turmoil.  I remember feeling sad not having a valentine to share the day with. Yes, it is a commercial holday.  Yet what hasn't been commercialized? It's pervasive in our culture.  Why not reclaim it to something better.

Ideally we love our boyfriend or girlfriend,  husband or wife, children, friends every day.  How about this be a day that we reflect on love, comapastion and thankfulness. Let it be a day to remember the love we feel and rekindle connection or passion as needed.  Some chocolate and a back rub can certainly help with that!   Make it a reminder to bring joy to others more often to be joyful more often.  If we find ourselves a bit lonely love ourselves.  We are all worthy of love.

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