Friday, November 3, 2006

How many Hooks? - NaBloPoMo#3

Someone asked this on a crochet list I am on and thought it would be fun to review my inventory and offer my reviews of the hooks I have. Although I think hooks are kind of a personal thing and different hooks work better for different people for different reasons.

How many hooks do I own?


Boye are my favorite.
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I would like try Clover metal hooks and see how I like those. I like the weight of the metal hook in my hands.
E-2 - I use E's when I make socks and some toys.
F-2 - My next favorite hooks when I make toys
H-3 - I use an H hook for most ww projects so I like having many of these
N- 1

Clover Soft Touch Hooks - D,F,G ,H and J
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I really like my D hook for split prone sock yarn and my F hook for making Amigurumi. They have a comfortable grip and smooth glide. I plant to have full set of these hooks. (F and G not shown are in current WIPs)

Bamboo - an H hook. I really don't like this hook as I like the weight of metal. I keep it because my son likes it. (not pictured)

Annie Attic bullion hooks-F,G,H - I've not used theses much yet. I really struggle with the bullion stitch. These have an inline hook shape that I don't like much. Not sure If I will keep these. (no picture)

Crystalites set : L, M, N, P
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Not sure I like plastic hooks for the same reasons I don't like the bamboo. I really like weight in my hands so I prefer metal hooks. I only keep them because they have some of the sizes I am missing in metals and will be willing to use them if needed for a project. I love the colors too.

Tunisian crochet hooks -4
2 cro-hooks
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One tunisian hook is on loan to a friend.


Clover Soft Touch 0 - some say it similar to #6 but I think it looks more like a #5 - I am not sold on Clover thread hooks but worry they will no longer be available so I might put a collection together soon.

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Profi .75 which is a #16 I think. It glides almost too much I have a hard time keeping the thread on my hook. I'd like to get a few more of these hooks to see how I like them.

Susan Bates - 7
#0, 1, 7, 8, 9,10,13/14
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Boye- 3

many are in WIPs?
#9 bates for a doily
using the #10 for some ornaments right now

2 extra large plastic hooks unsure of their sizes
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How many cases do you have for the hooks you own?
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two basic ones
One is a plastic pencil case and the other is an extra long mini-mm case. I use the mm case to hold all my thread hooks. I have an extra mm container that I use to take hooks with me on the go. I want to sew up a few cases to hold them in as well.

What's the oldest hook you use?
All my hooks are recent purchases because I re-learned to crochet a few years ago and needed new hooks. Maybe my blue H hook is the oldest.

All totaled I have 52 hooks give or take.

Do I have too many hooks?

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