Sunday, November 12, 2006

Socks - NaBloPoMo#12

Well, these might be more like slippers but I'm callin' them socks anyways. So there.

I used Lion Brand wool-ease which worked fine but I think all wool yarn would be warmer. I used LB because I wanted these colors, it was the only yarn I could find that was washable, and the price was right. Ideally I'd like a soft dk weight superwash wool yarn to make these. They are perfect for around the house but I found them not quite warm enough in my sandals outside. Then again maybe it's just too cold for sandals.

In my sandals, don't they look fun and festive.

I started these Friday night after I had to frog back a few rows AGAIN on my current doily. I was so frustrated I started some socks to sooth my tender crochet soul. Get it ? I needed socks for my sole.

You're not laughing?

Okay, maybe you're right, it is a lame pun. So sew sue me.

Tricky sock pose which shows off the heel nicely too

I like how they turned out. I plan on sharing the basic how to pattern on my free pattern blog here. After I get a few peeps to test it for me.

sexy sock pose

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  1. OH, but I am laughing. And I love the sexy sock pose. Very sexy. Great socks!