Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NaBloPoMo - NaBloPoMo#14

Apparently NaBloPoMo is a bigger deal than I thought. Bloggers signed up to do it to get prizes and stuff. I didn't realize that so I've missed out on that potential perk. I'm having fun anyways, writing a post everyday this month.

Who knows maybe it will inspire a whole new attitude about blogging, especially now that I've solved my blog split personality. I have successfully (I hope) merged my mom-self and my creative-self back together again.

Now that I am in the habit of blogging, what do I do about the laundry, the dished and meals? Maybe I can figure out how to blog them?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Samantha! LOL! Yes, the housework does seem to take a back seat to blogging!

  2. ha! I'll blog you up some lunch if you blog me up some supper. Works for me... but the kids might complain.