Friday, November 24, 2006

Snowflakes and Brugges Lace - NaBloPoMo#24

Several Snowflakes I have completed in the last few months:

You can find a few of the patterns here

I did this one in #30 thread from a motif pattern I found in an old Magic Crochet magazine.

The one in the middle I got here. I used #30 thread for it.

Bruge Lace Motif
This Brugges lace motif is from Crocheted Lace Through Pictures, it's an out of print book but you can get used fairly easily. I hope to make at least one brugges lace style doily next year.

I can't wait for our yule tree so I can cover it with snowflakes.

Note: We are leaving to visit family today. Before we leave I plan to publish Saturday's post because I worry it will be tricky to get online. I realize that this is not playing by the rules but since I am not really participating in NaBloPoMo I can break all the rules I want. I'll leave it up to you if you read the post today or tomorrow.

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