Thursday, November 9, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - NaBloPoMo#9

Join me in Thursday Thirteen iffin' you want.

13 things I've been doing:
  1. on my hook: hemp tote, doily, and an ornament
  2. going to the laundromat every other day to wash the clothes - washer broke - Yuck!
  3. watched The Lake House - Keanu Reeves - Yum!
  4. Did our weekly house blessing Sunday
  5. Blogging
  6. chatting it up on the Kansas unschooling list
  7. eat lots of left over Halloween candy
  8. listen to a recorded book - Stephanie Plum series - Hot Six
  9. Went to the library to get more books for the kids and for me
  10. took in the recycle
  11. currently reading Parent-Teen Breakthrough
  12. made a beaded spider
  13. mailed a package to India
13 things Jade's been doing:
  1. listening to recorded books
  2. doing things in Puzzlemania
  3. reading Astroboy manga with her dad
  4. practicing her Japanese
  5. playing with friends
  6. planning for her birthday
  7. cooking with dad and mom
  8. baking
  9. playing with her brother
  10. made up her own bean dip recipe
  11. shopping with dad
  12. meal planning with mom and dad
  13. reading reviews on amazon about toys
13 things Corbin's been up to:
  1. playing on the gamecube
  2. playing with his sister
  3. playing violin
  4. violin lesson
  5. watching movies with mom and dad
  6. playing with friends
  7. skate boarding
  8. riding his bike
  9. beading with mom
  10. building things with legos
  11. reading with mom and dad
  12. playing ball and throwing the monster disk with mom
  13. card games

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