Monday, November 13, 2006

This is how we learn... - NaBloPoMo#13

I'm entering a drawing for Kansas unschoolers and borrowing heavily from the post that inspired it all. Check out How We learn on Thoze Amazing Crazy Dayz. You don't need to post it on your blog but I am.

We learn from all this .....

  • Watching Star Wars all snuggled under a warm blanket. Pondering how they did this and that to make the movie. Mom sharing how they added new things the movie.
  • Putting together a K'nex Roller Coaster
K'nex Roller Coaster

  • Feeding the ducks
Pome on the Range Orchards
  • Playing Violin
  • Playing made up games: adding points, determining strategies and rules.
  • Playing Chess
Playing Chess with Dad
  • Listening to audio books and talking about them
  • Planning birthday parties trying to balance the fun with the costs.
  • Dressing up for the Harry Potter book release party
Harry Potter Rules
  • Making wish lists and looking up the reviews on amazon to see if the toys or games are worth it.
  • Cooking
  • Playing with friends
  • Asking mom questions about a book she is reading.
  • Playing catch
  • Telling jokes
  • Building with legos
Fun with Duplos3 lego cars
  • Changing the colors of a dolls eyes
Giving Little Leo new eyes
  • Bowling with our homeschool group
  • Skate boarding
  • Planning our own skate board ramps inspired by some friends
  • Impromptu Parties
Party in Corbin's Room

  • Saving up for a skateboard
  • Watching Astroboy in Japanese
  • Learning Japanese words and phrases from Dad
  • Festivals
4 great iPhotos
Throwing Tomohawks at the Lewis and Clark Festival
4 great iPhotos 5 great iPhotos
Checking out the Hogan too

Amazing Sculpted Candy
Sculpted Candy Jade bought at the Japanese Festival
  • Drawing and other crafts
A Love Note
mask makingRain Mask

  • Working through disagreements
  • Watching birds at the bird feeder
  • Catching butterflies and letting them go
  • Celebrating the holidays
Our Solstice Cake

Best of all we do it together


  1. Complete with pictures -- I love it!!!

  2. beautiful...inspiring...encouraging...and, oh, so...happy making!:-) all the pics