Monday, October 20, 2008

Gift Giving

Does anyone think that gift giving has gotten out of hand? It seems when I read on some forums that there are people who feel upset when a gift of theirs is given away and especially if it was handmade. I guess if I made something and someone gave it away I would wonder did I make something that they would really like? Was it colors they like? Yes, I might be hurt. I hope I could let it go and do something else for them next year.

I guess what's coming up for me with this issue is, how much stuff does one person need? This one person doesn't need the stuff honestly even more yarn. I don't need candle sticks. I don't really need any more blankets or sheets. We like our minimalist approach.

So what do you do if you get things that just aren't you? I'm 40 plus years old. If I had kept everything people have gifted me in my lifetime I would need at least one if not two storage units. Between my husband I we have all we need. We don't need much more. What we do want is so specif to our interests that I just don't expect others to help me with them. But if you want to I can send you my wish list! (Just kidding, seriously.) Even with my wish list I have been checking things off the list but that's another post.

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  1. I so agree with you. HOWEVER, since I knit and crochet, I always appreciate handmade gifts from my friends.

    One year I let my friends know that my husband and I were giving all of our gifts to a certain charity. Instead of buying us stuff, everyone made a donation to our favorite charity in our name. Everyone wins in that situation!