Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Java Jammies

Java Jammies keep coffee warm but not your hands! I've had some great comments on the one I've made when I use them in public. One of the cashiers at our healthfood store thinks they are great and says I should sell them there. I don't know about that but maybe someday. If I don't count on gettting rich I could be a bit of mad money at least.

Take at look at my Java Jammie Gallery:

It's an Owl
It's an owl. Since we all know drinking coffee can keep you up all night. I used Plymouth Boku from Infinity Shawl.

Java Jammie
Shell stitch and Plymouth Boku lefotvers.

Java Jammie
More Plymouth Boku and what's called a griddle stitch: dc in sc and sc into the dc. (US terms)

Java Jammie
Alpaca leftovers from my Spiral Shawl.

Coffee Cozy
This was made from red heart scarps and one I get the most comment on when I use it.

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  1. I love how creative these are! I'm planning on making one for a friend of mine. I just love them :)