Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember when...

My dishwasher died? We lived without one for over a year. We broke down a few weeks ago and bought one. The last few weeks have been torture waiting for it to get delivered and installed. Why did I do or not do dishes by hand for over a year w/o out too much complaint?

So here is our wonderful new dishwasher.

The Bosch

The Bosch

Yet, I wonder if it's really worth the cost. I truly doubt it will help me keep up with the dishes. Unless somehow this dishwasher comes with magical properties so the dishes literally jump into the washer when dirty and out when clean. Now, that would be a dishwasher!

If you are curious we bought the SHE4AM1 model from Sears on sale for about $500 dollars. We've used it twice and it's cleaning the dishes pretty dang well. The only draw back I can see is the use of controls. I think this is the same quality in materials as the higher end Bosch but to save money that skimp on the electronics. So there's lots of button pushing manipulations to make some things happen. So for me there will be a learning curve to figure out how to use the dang thing. The wash cycle is long. I believe that normal for many new dishwashers. It's quieter than our old dishwasher but not quite as quiet as I expected.

The fine print:
The photos in the blog post have been cropped to hide this blogger's messy kitchen.

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  1. Oh so pretty! It does still feel like there is a lot of time involved in loading and unloading, but it is oh so much better than doing by hand. I went for years without thinking it was a frivolous addition, but for a family of 5, I am convinced it has improved my life. Especially since they all trade off unloading and I am now a master and filling it to capacity. There's a little bit of pack rat talent there that I kind of get a kick out of. How many dishes can I get into a load and still manage to get them all clean? Would never have guessed about the cropping;-) The dishwasher is so lovely!