Saturday, October 4, 2008

I came back!

I didn't get the photos taken today of my finished hat a scarf that I wanted to share. So I hope to share them tomorrow along with my pecan brew.

I did go to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City. Dear hubby gets comp tickets so we got in for free. Now ain't that nice! It almost makes the day affordable. I saw some fun spinning demos and beautiful bobbin lace that I should have taken pictures of. I don't think I will take that hobby up but is sure was beautiful. I'm good with crocheting, knitting and spinning. Jade was interested the card weaving so she might give that a try. Corbin had a grand time sword fighting with the barbarians.

I'll share some pics of the festival too if they are any good.

That's all for now. Another video for your viewing pleasure here.

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