Friday, October 17, 2008

Sheep Sheering at Pinwheel Farm

About a month back Jade and I went to the Pinwheel Farm Sheep Shearing. So I have some pics to share:

Freckles the Llama
Meet Freckles the farm Llama.

The sheep which do have names too but I don't know them all.

Shearing the sheep


I got some black lambswool that will hopefully spin up a nice pretty brown.

Here's some I've washed. I've carded most of that. I have about 2/3 more of the fleece left to wash, card and about all of that to spin. The fun just keeps giving with this fiber.

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  1. I didn't realize you were blogging again...yay! Your sheep shearing experience sounds like fun. I was wondering, though, how you are able to wash the fleece? I remember when you were first spinning, it was something to get used to. Have you gotten better at it? It's been a while and I wondered if it is easier now for you. Just curious.