Sunday, October 19, 2008

Novelty Yarn - Tried It

I just don't like it. It's hard to crochet with and only a little easier to knit with. Worse of all for me it doesn't show off the stitches. I like stitches, I'm all about the stitches. I love small delicate stitches. I'm in love with crocheted doilies. I'm kind of sick that way.

I have lots of novelty yarn left and I'm about to give it away. But what if I regret it? I did make this lapghan that I do like. It's very soft and my daughter like it as you can see.


Now I wouldn't recommend someone on purpose go out and buy all this yarn even if it's on sale which is how I came in to my novelty yarn and make this lapghan. I'd just say no and suggest you run away , run away fast, unless you really, really like it that is, then I say go for it.

Recently I grabbed a hook and my bin of Novelty yarn.

More YARN!

I tried to make another lapghan. But I could not find the love of the yarn. It just was not there. So it's in grocery bags waiting to head to the thrift store. Really, it's going. Gone!

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  1. Thanks for the "warning" about the novelty yarn. I don't know if this will help or if you've ever tried it. I've never used this type of yarn before, but, I did read one time. That to make this yarn easier to use/work with, crochet with a regular yarn along with it, same color obviously.

    Like I said have no idea. But, it is a pretty yarn and seems it would make nice scarfs and edgings for some clothing items.