Monday, October 6, 2008

Purple Craze Hat and Scarf Story

First I had roving that I spun into singles:


Then I added dye which created Purple Craze:

Purple Craze

Then with my hook I made the Purple Craze Hat and Scarf:
Purple Craze Scarf and Hat

Both are made using a 9mm hook and half double crochet. On the Scarf I crocheted into the the back loop on the front of the work and into the front loop on the back of the loop. I also made a "key hole" so the flower motif acts like a button. The flower was made with my handspun and Elann Luna. I might add some beads to the hat and scarf to bling it up a bit but that will have to happen later as I have lots more holiday yarning to do.

Purple Craze Scarf


  1. Very pretty -- congratulations!

  2. There's an award waiting for you at my blog :) Well-deserved, too!