Thursday, October 23, 2008

a random meme

My Name is Samantha

Childhood Ambition - I really don't remember one. Now that seems really sad!

Fondest memory - A special Christmas with my mom and sister when we baked lots of yummy cookies and made a special meal to eat together. When I would travel with my Dad we would sing to Helen Reddy and the Carpenters in the car to pass the time.

Soundtrack --- I'm really enjoying the soundtrack for Juno and I even bought the CD. If you have not seen the movie I highly recommend it!

Wildest dream --- Travel the world with no worres about money. The the kids would get along the whole time and my husband would always know when I was feeling overwhelmed and make sure we found chocolate or some wine.

Proudest moment --- When I managed to get all the things together to travel and live in Europe for 4 months in college.

Biggest challenge---- Balancing my needs and the kids needs.

Alarm clock --- what's that?

Perfect day --- A perfect day for me would be spent in solitude with plenty of good food to eat and my fiber.

First job --- Lifeguard

Indulgence(s)--- coffee, chocolate, cheese, wine, and yarn

Last purchase --- Coffee at La Prima Taza

Favorite movie --- Juno, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Holiday Inn, Like Water for Chocolate, Totoro - Sorry I can't pick a favorite - Howl's Moving Castle... I can keep going but I will stop now.

Inspiration --- my children, all things art, fiber, Ravelry

My life is --- just beginning or that's my ideal outlook

My blog is --- a way to share about my life and my creative stuff

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  1. Way cool. I picked up a few tidbits I didn't know about you.